♥..A Missing Friend..

Posted: เมษายน 15, 2009 in song @ poem



I still rise to call you, when I’ve had a bad day.
Or go to stop by your house, when I happen to pass that way.
I can’t get used to fact that your long gone from here
and that I can’t always be previlage to see your smiling face.

A Missing Friend you are indeed, won’t you ever just come back to me.
Memories just aren’t enough.
I want to be able to see, feel & touch.

We were friends for so long you & I.
That to take you away without even a good-bye,
Well that’s more than even I can’t bare,
Why can’t you just stop by and say’ Hey, I’m still there’

A Missing Friend you will always be,
I’ll continue to try and hold you close to me.
And when the distance becomes to hard to bare.
I’ll keep in mind ‘You’re still there’

I love you my friend and that’s a fact, no death or god can take that.
I’ll always love you my heart will beat strong,
And one day will be together and that’s what makes me carry on.

( Rachel Fogle )



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